🎨 Tap the correct colored word quickly with great accuracy to survive! 🎨

🏆 Challenge your friends and see who has the fastest brain reaction time! ⭐

KleeColor is a casual brain-training action game where you should tap the correct colored word with fast speed and great accuracy to survive. KleeColor also has endless survival gameplay which has several types of challenging game events. You can use power-ups to counter the events so that you can survive longer!

Simple gameplay that anyone can play!

Which one is correct?

🟨Yellow    🟦Red

🟧Blue        🟩Green

🟥Yellow    🟪Purple

Oh, you are a skillful professional gamer, huh? We also have challenges for you!

Download and survive the challenge now!

🧠 KleeColor is inspired by a real psychological test (Stroop Effect) to identify the delay in brain reaction time between congruent and incongruent stimuli.

Crafted by a solo game developer Mgs. M. Rizqi Fadhlurrahman.




  • First internal release